Batman: Brave & Bold original cartoon villain now part of DC Comics canon

Remember original villain Alfonso Vincenzo Giuseppe Face aka Baby Face from BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD cartoon?

Just saw in HARLEY QUINN #70 that writer Sam Humphries brought him over to the DC Comics!


That’s awesome & absolutely I remember him & Mrs. Manface.

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Damn you, Sam Humphries and your ability to suck me into buying a Harley Quinn comic!


SHumphries’ DC Daily mention of Booster Gold appearing in Harley Quinn #70 is what made me snag that issue.

While I didn’t like Babyface on the show all that much, I enjoyed his comic debut.

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Manface is responsible for one of the best lines in that entire show, episode 16.

Manface: “You wouldn’t hit a lady, would you?”
Batman: “The hammer of justice is unisex!”

Diedrich Bader really made lines like that sing. So glad these characters could see more action.