Batman Black & White #101 by Frank Miller

DC Collectibles just announced the 101th entry into their Batman Black & White line, based on the Frank Miller armored version from The Dark Knight Returns. Link to Toy News International below:


Oops…sorry. Meant to post that in Collector’s Corner.

Can a mod please move this to Collector’s Corner? Thanks much!

Very nice. I don’t buy statues, but this almost makes me reconsider.

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All moved for you, @moro! Thanks for sharing this, btw! Loving the look of it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @MissInkBlot. It is cool looking…right outta the comic book.

That is nifty.

If this and McFarlane’s Batman end up in the mini-figure line, I’ll buy them.

Just noticed…“101th”? Should have been “101st”, all that language arts homework with the kids for nothing :joy:

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@moro “101th” is fine, as would be “101nd” and the like.

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Very dope, adding it to my wishlist! :bat:

I am buying this. There’s no doubt in my mind, maybe a doubt in my bank account…lol

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If it was the Affleck Batman, you could hear him say “Does your bank account bleed? It will.”.

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