Batman Beyond Remastered coming to DC Universe!

The wonders of comic Con are here and with it come new announcements. The first one for DCU comes from the Batman Beyond anniversary panel.

Season 1 of the remastered Batman Beyond will arrive on DC Universe on August 23rd.

The rest will likely come October 29th with the retail release.

-Nathan.Payson (your friendly neighborhood reporter)



I should have known you’d keep me covered on the important DCU announcements, Nathan. Great news indeed!

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I can practically hear Hector Navarro jumping for joy :slight_smile:


I think Hector got word last night shortly before 9, it would explain the 4.6 earthquake 36 miles outside of Ridgecrest at 8:59 last night.


That is excellent news!

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so what’s on the service now, the unremastered version?



marks August 23rd on his mental calendar

To quote a bystander in Superman II: “This is gonna be good!”

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So noted.

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In today’s DC Daily, Clarke Wolfe said Batman Beyond will debut here on August 9th.

I gather that’s for the whole series, as she made no notation about it being season one only.

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The August 9th date was for Shazam documentary

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