Batman Beyond Reading Order

I have been reading through the Batman beyond universe and started the futures end story line but I must have missed something. What comic book series throws him in the past? Does anyone know?

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I could be totally wrong on this, but I could’ve sworn Terry went back in time (kicking off future’s end) in a prelude comic that was given out on the free comic book day of that year.

If I’m wrong, or if it was a legitimate issue that just happened to be reprinted for FCBD, then I sincerely apologize.

yes there was an issue 0 for fcbd that is not on dc universe but do not read Futures end, it is 48 issues full of questions and plot threads that never get answered or resolved and at the end you will be pulling your hair out why it doesnt make sense just like you are now. the whole time you feel like your missing something but you are not , it was just written very badly. If you like batman beyond read rebirth or anything but the 2015 series that is the continuation of futures end.


In addition to the Rebirth volume, some other fun Batman Beyond reads are:

-Batman Beyond (1999). Not only the very first BB mini-series, but also the very first BB comic series.
-Batman Beyond (1999-2001). The first Batman Beyond ongoing series. Like the above mini, it ties into the show.

Both of these are available on DCU.

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There is a great post here about how to read Batman Beyond.

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