Batman Beyond movie by Kevin Smith discussion

I didn’t see anybody talk about this so I made this thread so here the news Kevin Smith wants to do a Batman Beyond movie with Micheal Keaton in the starring role he says “it would make a billion” (note that isn’t exactly what he said)if you ask me yeah I agree,one of the reasons Aquaman made so much is because it took us to a new world that we never really seen before and a Batman Beyond movie would do the same expect with some familiarity sense it’s about Batman expect he old and Gotham is more futuristic and to me it’s all around a cool idea especially sense I had this idea to,but I want to talk about Micheal Keaton and he never said he wouldn’t do batman again but he does have two conditions one,the script must be good and two,Tim Burton have to be involved in some way if you want to hear more about Kevin Smith talked about this on his fatman podcast but what do you have to say about this cool idea,lame idea post your thought

Also Will Friedle(the voice of Terry in Batman Beyond) said he wants to play but WB are thinking on casting a Asian-American for the voice of Terry McGuiness and yes WB animation are thinking about making this movie and now I fell dumb for putting the “live action” tag in but I didn’t mention live action in the post you can’t call me evil laugh anyways Will talk about this on his twitter

Kevin Smith directing a DC movie is long overdue. I hope it can happen. Aside from Comic Book Men, I don’t think he has anything else going on.

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Massive missed opportunity here in terms of the new rumors reporting that DC is actually doing a animated film because of the success of Marvel’s ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ in my honest opinion this could have worked better as an Else Worlds Live Action film. One that not only brings back Keaton as Batman but gives a final conclusion to Burton’s set of films, just re-jigged for modern day. Terry would be the new window into the universe and Keaton would serve as the reluctant mentor. Especially if they only follow what happened in Batman 89 through Returns. This is a Batman that never had a Robin or a Bat-Girl, and Gordon wasn’t exactly as involved as he normally is in the universe of Batman. Which in turn makes it different and unique because of his isolation from the typical allies in the Bat-Family. It presents a Bruce that is maybe more flawed because of this and would explain the violent behavior he has in the two previous Burton films. So now that he’s too old to keep wearing the cowl it would be awesome to see the transition from Bruce to Terry in a more tactile and live action way rather than a ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ way which I think completely undersells the potential of a ‘Batman Beyond’ movie and misses the point entirely of what that setting is.

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Yeah I was hoping it would be live-action but WB wants to make it animated which is fine

Live action with Michael Keaton and Kevin Smith I would watch that as many times as I would need to make it a billion dollars like yes please.

Would love to see Burton direct and the script be done by Smith.