Batman Beyond Live Action TV Show

Imagine a live action Batman beyond tv show. Michael Keaton reprising his role as Bruce and maybe Andrew Garfield as terry. The episode will be 50 minutes long, That would be amazing. Thoughts?


Not sure about Andrew Garfield but I’d geek out!

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I’m all for it!

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Not a fan of the OP’s casting, but I would like a Batman Beyond show.

Yea this should cum out after Justice League 3 just like Marvel after End Game

What about Cole Sprouse (Jughead) as Terry McGuinness to Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne?

Actually if you think about it Michael Keaton would need to look older

But what could make a good plot for a pilot? A rehash of Return of the Joker?

That does sound amazing

Pun intended :joy: but yeah That should be on here !

Keaton might be a little out of the DC Universe’s price range for the time being.

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I would be down for that