Batman Bad Blood

What the heck happened to Batman Blad Blood? I was watching last night and now it is nowhere to be seen on the menu.

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I just watched this last week…just went to check again and it seems that it was taken off…

Some movies were here for only Batman Day, which they then kept on for about two weeks.

Well that blows. I thought I was getting ALL DC material (minus current comics) for the subscription.

Apparently it was licensed to Netflix. It’s available as of today.

Liscensing is complicatee. One would hope that a DC specific service would have acess to all DC content without much issue, but sadly that’s not the case. Netflix is losing all its Star Wars and most of its Marvel stuff next year. They’re gonna try and hold onto DC stuff for as long as they can.

That does suck as i didnt finish watching it. Guess i will look for it at Netflix.

Argh. Yeah I was watching it too, I didn’t realize it went to Netflix. Fortunately, I have a subscription, but Indidnt know they were going to pull that one.

Oh shit I’m really glad I watched it. Honestly it’s lame it’s already gone but it was so good I might just pay two bucks to have in my vudu library. That’s what I did with Under the Redhood last year