Batman as a stone cold killer???

I was so into the new show “Titans”, but now you’ve gone and made Batman a true killer and bad guy; why? First the CW makes Superman second fiddle to Supergirl and now this?? All the complaints about Zak Snyder’s take on the Batman and he wasn’t nearly as bad as what you are making him out to be on Titans…
I sure hope there is some kind of spin to this, because of Batman ends up in Arkham for murder, I’m done with this show.

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To be fair, everyone is a stone cold killer in Titans, so Batman being one is just on brand for the show. But yes, its not to my preference either.

In regards to Supergirl, I dont really agree with you. Superman is treated with good respect. He was key in the takedown of Amazo, he was the only one able to read the book of destiny, he got to fight Deegan while Supergirl was sent to get a book.

Supergirl writers have shown respect to Superman and always acknowledged his existence throughout history. Supergirl, however is the prime example of a character who has had awful treatments through history. Stuff that would blow your mind if DC ever did to Superman.

If Superman had been treated the way Kara was treated, he would have had to spent a few years in isolation where Supergirl controlled what he was allowed to do in fear of her sending him away from earth if he didnt obey. After that he would have been completely erased from all media for a couple of decades because she needed to be special. After that, for most cases she wouldnt even acknowledge his existence. This is still happening today. Krypton is a prime example where despite she being the granddaughter to Seg, she isnt even mentioned. Cameron is cool though so he still headcanons Kara into the family :slight_smile:

I don’t see Bats as a killer but he knew how to walk the fine line unlike most. He enjoyed instilling the fear but knew when to pull back. His Robin’s have always had the problem of knowing when to stop as most people would with that kind of power. It’s all self learned, like with Green Arrow, sometimes you can come out of the darkness but it is hard. With Superman I liked how they didn’t let him over shadow his cousin’s series but like always there to help. Still enjoyed watching the awkwardness the boys had wearing the different uniforms. Barry looked great as Arrow but Oliver as Flash looked uncomfortable but they were adorable!:heart::wink:

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If the rumblings are true, It’s believed that this is more than likely a vision or induced dream scenario placed on Grayson showing him a path that he fears himself. throughout the show he has struggled with his growing violent nature, leading him to leave Gotham and Robin all together, seemingly blaming Bruce for his issues, and alienating himself from all close to him. Batman finally cracking has been touched on numerous times throughout his history and with this platform DC can play with
the concepts of a heroes fall.


Watch it play out first and especially now that Trigon is involved and the way the latest episode ended


Really hope there will be a twist and Batman has not become homicidal. Don’t F this up DC!

The trailer features Starfire and Trigon as cops, what does that tell you?


Ok, watched the trailer on my iPhone first, so I didn’t get a chance to really see what was going on. Looks to me like Trigon is indeed setting Dick up to face his biggest fear; Batman going rogue. Just watched it 3 times on my big screen to make sure!!! Whew!!!
Thought they were going Uber dark for a minute.
Still don’t like CW’s take on Superman though.

It is obviously an alternate universe created by Raven’s father, explained in this video.

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