Batman: Arkham show

What does everyone think of a Batman show based on the Arkham games. It could even be an eventual original on here and before you say no just listen, It could be in the vain of Young Justice with mature storytelling and not as much kid stuff, even though it might be even more adult that that. Let’s say at the level of maturity of the movies Son of Batman and Assault on Arkham. It can cover Batman’s entire story inside one of his best universes. Since BTAS, in which they will probably wait like another 20 years before trying a standard Batman universe that isn’t pre established or tonally or stylistically specific, there has been 3 shows based off batman, “The Batman”, and anime-esque show with unique character designs, and a different art style “Batman the Brave and the Bold”, a campy nod to the silver and gold age with less mature storytelling that BTAS, and “Beware the Batman”, which was a good example that the writers had sort of exhausted Batman, and didn’t know what to do with the character, and were thus forced into a radical new approach. With the Arkham verse, you get a relatively familiar, albeit more adult version of the DCAU Batman universe, with awesome adaptations of just about every Batman character, an absolute kickass Batman, and a mature story. The writers could choose to either have the events of the 4 games be in the show or not, depending on how they feel, but regardless, there is so much time to fill, and stories to tell with the villans and characters in the show. For instance we never explored Dick Grayson Robin, or Barbara Gordon Batgirl, or Batwoman, or anybody in his corner really. If they got Hammil and Conroy, people would be ecstatic, but if not RCS and Troy Baker would fill those roles. Regardless, fantastic interpretations of just about every character would be at their feet, and a perfect mix of dark, gritty and realistic from Nolan’s movies, and unrealistic and comic book style storytelling would be there to create a plethora of intriuging and well done stories. And who knows, if they want to make a new justice league universe, with new shows, they could always start here since again, a traditional one wasn’t done long ago, when JLU ended in 2006, that wasn’t even 15 years ago. With this universe, they could do whatever kind of interpretation they wanted of any character. Just some particular characters that didn’t get as much spotlight in the games that could here: Gordon, Alfred, Nightwing, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Two Face, Clayface, Bane and Ra’s Al Ghul. All I’m saying is, this could be a great show; thoughts?


You had me at “Arkham show”; especially if they could get the same (or similar) voice cast to the games.

While there hasn’t been a show, Batman: Assault on Arkham is in the veins of the Arkham series.

The Arkham-verse is a gold mine that WB is just letting sit on the shelf. I think they should expand beyond games. We all got the Assault on Arkham film that ties into the universe, and the prequel comics for both City and Knight, why not expand even further.