Batman Arkham City Armored Edition

Batman Arkham City is my favorite of the Batman Arkham games. The Wii U version is my favorite. This gamepad gives a cool hands on experience with Batman’s gadgets, and the whole menu is available without interrupting the gameplay. It’s like a built in Batcomputer. The exclusive armored suit with B.A.T mode is awesome also.
Did anyone else play this version of Batman Arkham City?


I wish I knew this was a thing back when I had my wii U! :rofl:

Personally I didn’t think there was a reason to buy the game again so I didn’t play it, but I’m glad some people noticed it. Most of my Wii U time was spent playing Nintendo Land and Smash

Wow! I haven’t thought about my old copy of the Armored Edition in ages! This was actually the first Arkham game I played and a key part of my growing interest in comics.