Batman Arkham 5?

Does anyone know if the Arkham series will be continued?

There have been rumors of Rocksteady making a multiplayer arkham game with characters like Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, Batwoman and others being playable but that’s just a rumor.

It does seem like WB Montreal (who made Arkham Origins) are making a Batman game with the Court of Owls but nothing has officially been confirmed yet, they said there should be some kind of announcement relatively soon.

There’s been tons of rumors of other DC games and Arkham Knight is often referred to as the last in the Rocksteady Arkham trilogy and series

While we don’t know exactly what Rocksteady is working on, we do know that its a DC game and its not a Superman game, so my best guess is Justice League.

I hope rockstedy sticks with the traditional feel of the arkham series though possibly brings some of the more obscure villans out of the rouges gallery. Though if its a justice league game than possibly some pointers from netherrealms injustice and mortal kombat.