Batman Arkham 2019

What changes do you think should be made to the atmosphere of the new Batman game?

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First of all, I think they should make Batman more of a badass, triumphant character to rebuild all the damage that Knight did to him, turning him into a high-strung failure of a hero who does nothing but push people away.
More on that, I’d like a more hopeful, idealistic tone, one that emphasizes Batman’s positive qualities and doesn’t end on a note of defeat and exhaustion.
Some brighter colors and cleaner character models wouldn’t be unwelcome either (Scarecrow, Riddler, and Penguin’s grimy, stained outfits always bothered me for some reason). I would also like Harley to wear a more comic-accurate jester costume instead of those gaudy, tacky outfits she wore in previous games (the nurse outfit in Asylum, the biker outfit in City, and the combo outfit in Knight also really rubbed me the wrong way.) Finally, I would like them to get a consistent voice actor for Commissioner Gordon - the man’s had multiple voice actors across the game series. Pick one and stick with it!

I think they will make Bruce/Batman younger. They have so many stories and so much of his Rouges Gallery to choose from. Like it doesnt even have to be in the arkham universe but if they go with the arkham universe it will probaly be in between arkham orgins and arkham asylum era because there is a huge time gap in there that could be incorperated within the timeline. Same thing with the gap between arkham city and arkham knight . Both have room to make another game. Also as in the surroundings of the game maybe we could finally see the real gotham.

Remember when it was rumored that the sequel to City would be set in the Silver Age? That’d be neat.

In any case, according to critics, it had better not be too same-y, like Origins, and it better not be not-same-y enough, like Knight!

Why is there so much hate?

Origins was REALLY good for a game that wasn’t Rocksteady, didn’t have Kevin or Mark voice acting, and my only complaint was Alfred looked Asian. It even had a bigger map than City. The Arkham games were perfect for what they were MEANT to be. I just (last 2 weeks) beat the Arkham series for the 5th time. Harley’s jester costume was in Knight. That’s how I played her. Just set her costume to active and that’s how she appears. As far as the costumes being gritty, that’s the universe. That’s the setting. It’s not meant to be the start like the golden age or light like the silver age. It’s meant to be dark. They did a great job with incorporating skins, but if that’s not enough, I don’t know what to say. I feel like people want the game to be something it’s not meant to be. I mean, no, not everyone HAS to like it, but it is what it’s meant to be and not something it’s not. It’s like me telling my wife or kid I wish you were this person or that person. That’s not who they are. They are them and I love them that way. When it comes to media, people are always trashing DC movies like it’s a trend and the truth is their last 5 or 6 were REALLY awesome movies. People don’t like them, because they want them to take the same approach Marvel did. They are not Marvel movies.

So, when it comes to the Arkham games, they were 8.5-10 and I love those games exactly for what they are. Now, I will say that in City, the map was kind of small for all the tasks you had to complete, so at times it did feel crammed. I did catch myself saying, “at least Origins had a bigger map (2 more districts) for the shit they are putting us through, lol.” In Knight, they were using the Knightfall protocol and everything made sense if you allied yourself with Azrael, but then you can’t legitimately free roam with Azrael? Really? Come on, Rocksteady. That was kind of a bummer. Even if you locked him up…Azrael couldn’t escape from GCPD? Yea, okay. Really incorporating Azrael to finish off tasks that Batman left behind and giving us ONE good ending instead of forcing the players to finish off every villain all for an alternate ending would have made it a little better. Also, Knightfall protocol, but no broken back? Arkham Knight was a mix of “Under the Red Hood” and “Knightfall” put together and it was great to see it/ play it in a video game, but I would’ve just like to see some little things in a universe in which it was meant to be.

To be honest, I’d like to see Rocksteady do something that wasn’t Batman. I say leave Batman alone as the games were great and maybe do something else. Try Azrael if it had to be a follow up or go back in the timeline and try Flash, Green Arrow, maybe try to master a Superman game which would be the greatest challenge, or go outside the box and give us an Aquaman game all in the same universe. You don’t have to have Arkham in the title, just let the fans know that it’s a shared universe and REALLY blow our minds with a big surprise that isn’t another Batman title.

Thought Rocksteady was teasing Court of Owls and a map that’s 1.5 times the size of Knight.
I’d like more Nightwing play if that were the case with Owls.
Also heard that the Bat Family would be swappable kind of like how Catwoman and Batman were in the City, but that was before the Court of Owls rumor. I’d like something like that or more in depth add-on story lines.
Maybe play as a villian for a mission or something like Clayface before Clayface and its an origin for him or something.
Like somebody else said add some other DC heroes to play as and then have a game based of that so it’ll be same universe.
Some more detective work would be good too but not sure how to go about that

Rocksteady hasn’t been teasing anything related to Batman/Arkham. All the leaks and teases about Arkham are from WB Montreal. The only thing we know about Rocksteady is that they’re working on a game likely to be revealed between now and e3 and that they’ve stated they’re moving on from Arkham. So there are potentially two DC games in development. A Batman/Arkham game from WB Montreal and whatever ROCKSTEADY is working on, which could be a DC property or a completely different WB franchise.

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