Batman Animated Series Revival!

Would anyone be up for a revival of BTAS? I would love to see them make a new series in the style of the first three seasons, same gritty and dark palette, Awesome title cards, amazing music and actors, and same style with a slight update. Stay away from the style and overly processed manner of Batman & Harley Quinn.

I think it’s time and years have passed that I think new stories are ready to be told. Also, bring back Bruce Timm.

Hey DC Universe, lets make this happen.


I personally would love this to happen, @nicktews.84875! While I cannot make any promises, I can pass your feedback on to the team for review. :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other amazing ideas!


No. It’s my favorite TV series, but it ended and the DCU ended. When you slap more material onto something that already reached its proper ending, you end up with Batman and Harley Quinn.

No thanks.

You’ll never strike gold again like it was originally. Don’t ruin my childhood!!!

I say leave it alone. There’s literally thousands of other characters who can hold a TV show and deserve their first chance at off the page stardom and exposure.

Now a new Superman show (that is no relation to STAS), we DO need that. Absolutely.

Doubt it would be the same. Some times it’s better to leave the past alone.

I have a problem with this.

Or do something that picks up where the animated series left off. I agree there are more great Batman stories to animate…If only there was a network to put them on…