Batman and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated movie



Huh. Interesting that they managed to get that done in animated form, since these properties are owned by different companies, last I checked.

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Baron Vaughn from the latest version of MST3K is playing Donatello, neat!

Even better is that Greg Cipes is not playing Michaelangelo. I dig the heck out of Cipes so nothing against him. The Mikey he played was extremely annoying however.

The movie sounds neat. Never had any interest in the comics it’s based on, but I’ll give the movie a whirl.

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@Vroom The comic wasn’t too bad (and I say that as someone heartily displeased with some of Tynion’s other work), just meandered a bit and had several missed opportunities. Some stuff that seemed to be there just for “cool’s” sake, and a side-trip to Crime Alley, because heaven forfend we don’t talk about the Wayne murders. Maybe this animated foray can make some improvements. I imagine it was picked because of the prospect of all those mutations in the last issue.

I do, however, recommend the comic that crossed Batman: TAS with the 2012 version of the Turtles. It was thoroughly entertaining, even if the sixth issue felt a little like one issue too many.

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Look awesome! I can’t wait to see it! :smiley:

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This looks/sounds cool. But the best thing about the still is that Batgirl is in her Burnside costume which is the best superhero costume of the past 15 years and never should have been changed.

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First look at the movie:

I like it. The animation style is obviously different from the typical DC animated films, which it should be.

Unlike others here I liked the 2 comic series that have come out fairly well. Hoping they do another (success of this movie might decide that).

Will this also be given the “straight to DCU” treatment upon release?

Interesting. I dig it


Good wow or bad wow?

Am too elated, must come back later for coherent comment

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