Batman and the Outsiders

Any readers of this series? Im only about 3-4 issues in. Enjoy it so far, but curious on other opinions. Discuss!

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I am a big Batman fan and normally enjoy Mike Barr’s work but this series didn’t do it for me. I am assuming you are referring to the 80’s series? I am glad you are enjoying it. It is a series that gets a lot of mixed reviews.

I really enjoyed it back then and am enjoying it now. It does pick up as it goes on. Seem to remember it being one of the early titles with running subplots dealing with relationships among the team. The even do a sexual harassment story that still works. Need to have the follow on Outsiders on DCU. Oh, and the Geo Force fights Superman reflected in a Christmas tree bulb is an all time favorite cover.

I’m a big Outsiders fan, so I’m going to echo what “msgtv” already said… Batman And The Outsiders (BATO) definitely picks-up during its second year, especially once Alan Davis takes over the art. I’d suggest starting with BATO issue #16, which is the first part of Halo’s origin, and read on from there. Alan Davis’ run on the book art begins with issue #22 (part 3 of Halo’s origin). The Outsiders’ first confrontation with Kobra and Looker’s origin are among the standout stories.

Halo’s origin: issues #16, 20, 22-23
Geo-Force Christmas story: issue #19 (see image)
Kobra story: issues #24-27
Looker’s origin: issues #28-31
Batman quits: issue #32

I forget where I am on it (I think just a little after the crossover with New Teen Titans) and so far I’d say I enjoy the characters, but the villains they fight are often kinda lame.

Absolutely loved it one of my faves so far.

Love it for the Jim Aparo art the most.

Also, talk about a perfect comic to read b4 YJ3, this one is incredible for getting u prepared for that.

I have been reading this off and on since launch. Only a few issues in myself. It definitely is one of the classics and a great introduction to many wonderful characters, especially Katana. I am not a huge Batman fan, but I love the Outsiders. There is a cover that I remember from my youth specifically, it was very Egyptian like. I am hoping to read that issue again sometime. My favorite version though is the team with Indigo on it.

I’d like to see a couple arcs about the outsiders’ work tying in to the dark knights metal story