Batman and the Outsiders cancelled.

No reason given. Book’s just cancelled. There goes my afternoon.

Poopy. Where’d you hear about that?

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I think it’s not a permanent cancellation just delayed for resolicit. Maybe it contained spoilers for something that was originally planned to be finished. :thinking:


I think one of the Creator’s posted like it’s just being postponed

I hope @bloodviolet is right. I just got into it & was caught up.

Yes, writer Bryan Hill tweeted that it is delayed to allow some in universe happenings to further setup the book. I believe it is likely Doomsday Clock but that is just my guess.



Awesome, thank u for the info. I thought I just read it all for nothing.

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Well at least it’s still coming at some point. That’s good.


I’d be willing to bet that it has more to do with the struggle between Kobra and Leviathan which is being teased in both Detective and Action Comics than anything in Doomsday Clock.


Mayhaps. Looks like something big may be cookin’ with Leviathan. In the first or second issue of Bendis’ Action run, if you look at the notes around the computer on the first page, there’s a sticky note that says “Bendis on Leviathan” or something to that extent.


There have been hints in just about all of Bendis’ Action issues if you look closely enough and the Kobra guy Gordon was interrogating a few issues back in Detective mentions them before he suicides. My best guess is that DC is planning a Leviathan/Kobra war mini event (like Drowned Earth or Witching Hour) for next year tying together Detective Comics, Action Comics and Outsiders.

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