Batman and the Long Halloween Part 1

Spoiler free i just got it looking forward to watching


Can’t wait for Part 2!


Im not sure if i want to wait for part 2



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First i hope Naya Rivera is resting in piece.

Ghaaaeeeeehehehehehehheheheheheheheheheh i love the last five minutes as Selina shows her intelligence. God i hope we get the happy BatCat ending we were screwed out of in Batman Hush: Move Loved they used a end credit seen. bought it twice as amazon was shipping my copy late, and I did not want to wait. so I bought it on prime video too. cat wait to watch the special features when my hard copy gets here friday.


Im starting part 1 now

Im watching part 1 this animation is amazing DC is top notch

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That’s great to hear! Who is your favorite character in it so far? :open_mouth:

Sorry was just happy i could make a post again i like Harvey

Haha no worries :slight_smile:. I might have to say Catwoman!

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I have to wait to post since i had to make a new account
Now i like joker. More

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I would of thought that was mark hamill troy baker does a great joker

On to part 2

Say what you wish about dc live action movies dc animation is on another level

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Did you enjoy Part 2 as much as you did Part 1? :open_mouth:

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Part 2 picked up you could say part 1 was slow but part 2 was action packed

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