Batman and Robin (2011-) Reading Order Question

I’ve been wanting to read through all the Damian Wayne comics.
I started with Batman and Robin (2009-)
I’ve been reading through Batman and Robin (2011-) and just got to a spot where i’m a little confused with the timeline.
In #15 and #16 Damian goes gets in a fight with the joker.
Then in #17 it shows dreams that Damian, Batman, and Alfred have.
And then in #18 Damian is not around.

Is there a reading order I am missing that someone could link me to?
I’m just going by the comic book order that is listed in the Batman and Robin (2011-) series on DC Universe.

The Renegade Robins Club will be reading these stories soon, but if you want the answer immediately, read Batman Incorporated (2011).

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Thank you very much! I’ll add Batman Incorporated (2011) to my list before I continue further.
Thanks for the super fast reply!!

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If you want to discuss Damian’s stories, I’d recommend checking out the club I mentioned. We’re currently reading Gates of Gotham:

I’ll definitely be joining.
Look forward to joining the discussions!
Thank you!

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Please do join in on the current discussion. We’d be glad to have you @McDoogie.

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#15 and #16 tie into the “Death of the Family” storyline running concurrently in Batman # 13-17. Those issues take place somewhere around Batman # 15-16.

Damian’s absence is #18 is explained in Batman Incorporated #justice-league-dark-2018

I know. Comics are weird. :slight_smile: