Batman and Harley Quinn

I searched for the movie Batman and Harley Quinn, but the title didn’t come up. I rented it on Amazon Prime twice, but since I`m paying for a subscription here, I would like to watch it on this app. Did my eyes miss seeing the title when I searched for it?

Batman and Harley Quinn is currently not available on DCU. Last I knew, it was on Amazon Prime.

I watched it the day it was released from library. It wasn’t what I expected, but to each his own. I love Harley, but I didn’t like the way they portrayed her. She goes from being adult themed to kid themed with fart jokes etc. still worth watching as a DC fan tho. Swamp thing angle is good. Sorry if I spoiled anything tried to stay vague while giving a harmless opinion.

I believe Batman and Harley Quinn is still available on Amazon Prime Video if that helps. The fact that it’s available there is probably a big reason why it’s not on here