Batman and Fatherhood

With DC’s new collaboration with Webtoon, Batman: Wayne Family Adventures , to say nothing about recent episodes of HBO Max’s Titans , the idea of Batman as a father figure is being explored more. We’ve all heard the jokes about how Bruce Wayne is obsessed with collecting orphans, but what drives him to do this? What kind of a father is Batman, and how has it affected his children?

Bruce Wayne as a Son

Like most of us, Bruce’s understanding of fatherhood comes from the men who brought him up, in this case Thomas Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth. Was Thomas Wayne a good father? It’s hard to say because most of our understanding of him comes from flashbacks of his murder. The remainder of his portrayals come from Bruce’s flashbacks, and the perspective there is limited because Bruce was only eight years old when his father died. (The Thomas Wayne from the Flashpoint universe is a real piece of work, but since he comes from a different reality than our Batman, we can mostly discount him.)

Regardless of how good or bad of a father Thomas was, he was murdered before Bruce ever got a chance to truly know him. Our understanding of our parents evolve over time, with them become more human in our eyes the older we get.

Now imagine if that evolution stopped when we were children. Thomas Wayne died well before Bruce had a chance to get to know his father as a real person. He wasn’t old enough to have an understanding of his father’s dreams, struggles and doubts. Imagine how this shaped Bruce Wayne’s understanding of what it means to be a father.

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Do you think Bruce is better as a father or a son? Let us know in the comments! :point_down:


I think he is better as a son


As a son yes he is the better. But as a father he may be imperfect but when he does something good he definitely goes all out.


Better Son. He’s forever tormented that he lost his parents, so its difficult for him to show a fatherly loving side. He is a provider and that’s as far as his paternal instinct goes. He relies heavily on Alfred to provide him guidance to his young wards that he considers his children. Alfred is his conscience or the person that has Bruce get in touch with his Motherly side. As far as Bruce is concerned he took them in, gave them shelter, and taught them to war against people would take someone’s parents. Nurturing is not his strong suit.

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My kids love me.

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Bruce is an ABUSER not a good father.