Batman and death penalty

Ok, so I’ve been wondering it for a long time. What does Batman think about death penalty?

Let’s say that the state Gotham is in has death penalty and the court decided that the Joker needs to be executed. What would Batman do? Would he try to ban death penalty? Would he try to save the Joker? Would he let him die because the law said so? My gut (and Injustice comics) says that he would be against death penalty but what do you think?


I think he would be against the death penalty but he would let the law decide. Batman is not judge or the jury


He might not like the death penalty, but there is a part of Bats that believes in the law. If all evidence pointed to someone committing a crime that punishable by death, then he’s not likely to interfere directly. Maybe Bruce Wayne would campaign to abolish it in the state, but Batman probably won’t swoop in and pull the convict from the chair before whatever manner of death was implemented.

I don’t know the title, but I’ve heard of a story where Bats stopped the Joker from Death Row, only because it turned out he didn’t commit the specific crime he was being executed for.


I think if a court decided to execute Joker, Batman would let it happen. Bruce might be against the death penalty personally but I don’t think he would try to break Joker out of jail or mess up the legal process.

Now if they were going to execute Two-Face, that would be another story.

Ah, but what if it was a different criminal and everyone believes that the court came to the wrong conclusion? Would Batman actively thwart law and order if he believed an innocent person was going to be executed (or punished in some other way IDK).

I would say yes, if he believed that the person on trial was innocent and especially if he had the evidence to prove it.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen different writers put Batman on both sides of that one though I don’t recall particular issues.

This is the story I was talking about.'s_Advocate

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Batman will allow the criminal justice system to work. Certainly he has worked on case to save an innocent person from being executed. But, only will stop the execution if he has evidence.

I feel fairly confident that Bruce Wayne would be a strong advocate against the death penalty and would throw considerable resources at getting it abolished.