Batman #84

So, did anyone else read this yesterday? What did you all think of it?

I don’t want to post too many spoilers but I liked it overall. I had a problem with one thing, but looking past that I really liked this issue and I’m excited for Tom King’s final issue. :smiley:

On the one hand I kind of appreciated that it finally showed how Thomas survived Flashpoint and got to Bruce’s timeline. Thawne saving Thomas’ life just to torture him definitely feels appropriate

On the other hand, this big a reveal coming in the penultimate issue of the run just feels too little too late. I’m still convinced that this run could’ve been condensed to be a lot shorter, and I feel like these last issues are only further helping that argument

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It could have been more condensed, true, but a lot? I’m not sure. City of Bane works only because it is a culmination that put everything together. For example, the downtime between Batman and Catwoman in #78 and #79 wouldn’t be so powerful without all the things they experienced during such a long run. And to me, King’s run really shines at these quiet moments.

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I agree that City of Bane is what everything has lead to. King has done a great job this entire run, in my opinion. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s final issue.

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