Batman '66??

Just wondering if anyone has heard if the Batman '66 TV series is gonna be here in DC Universe?

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Batman ‘66 was produced by Fox and the rights to broadcast goes to Disney in the merger.

Warner brothers has the rights now. It’s why we had Adam West animated movies, the Batman 66 comics, and the BluRays from Warner Brothers.

DC/WB owns the character. Fox/Disney own the rights to distribute the original show. If you look at the back of the Blu-ray case you’ll see the fox logo who gave (sold most likely) WB the right to sell it on Blu-ray.

Screen Rant:

“Disney/Fox Deal May Give Disney the 1960s Batman TV Show Rights”

“Fox controls the program, the series’ rights have been stretched between Fox, Warner, and the Greenway Productions (who recently sold their remaining ownership in Batman to Fox), with all parties dependent on one another to produce any new content or merchandise regarding the series.”