Batman 4K on DCU

Batman is being re-released again in 4k for both digital and physical release.

Is Batman, Returns, Forever and Batman & Robin getting the 4K treatment on the DCU?

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@SILO-5 We don’t have any further details available at this point! Once we do, we’ll definitely let everybody know. Keep an eye out on the Watchtower for new info!

I’d say not for a good long while. Remember those movies are leaving on 7/1 also.

Superman: The Movie came out in 4K last year, while the edition on DCU is in HD.

If we get them in 4K (which I’m all for), it will likely be months from now.

That’s probably why they are leaving

@Davidbizzarr1000 No the movies constantly rotate out and back in again. I think somebody figured out it was on a schedule or something.