Batman (1989) watch along April 1 at 7:00 pm pacific time and 10:00pm eastern time

Hello everyone last time and thank you. We will be doing this some ready because this is just the beginning. because “were’s the punch line in crime without Batman”. And because it’s new and it was really good I mean really good. :grin::grinning::grin::grinning:

How to do a watch along:
You have a two screens one to watch and comment


Next time when you host a Watch Along, be sure to add PST or EST next to the time so that way no one will be late and be there at exact time. It helps.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry guys fixed it

Hello everyone hope you all will be here a 7:00 pst and 10:00 est hope to see you guys there

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Oh Man 10pm for EST!, its gonna be just past my “BAT”-Time, hahaha, see what I did there? Gonna need a few cups of joe.


I am the host with a different account I see what you did and :ok_hand::ok_hand::joy::joy::sweat_smile:

Can anybody do right know? Just asking for the est people

And all people

Hello this is the host is everyone ready?

I’m here

It about to start so get ready

I am the host

3,2,1 let’s jam

Been a minute since I watched this

Skip the intro ok guys

Prince is my favorite part about this movie… that and Nicholson

Let me know when everyone is ready

I let the intro play

We’re at 2:40 ish