Batman (1989) 30th Anniversary Edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Color Grading is distracting :( :(

My inner DC Collector got the best of me and i caved. Now anyone that read my comments on threads probably know already i own every single DC Movie on Blu-ray. this collection took me almost a decade to complete because im not super rich. due to this pandemic and the fact i have to be quarantine for 2 weeks till my results come in i got extremely bored. and decided to go on DC Universe and watch some Batman. so i been bingeing Batman and watch everything i havent watched already(Which is not much i burned out the video section of DC U on its first year lol). . but i came across DC U 4K section and started watching what they got in 4K. sadly none of the live action Batman films are on here in 4K. and i was force to get my 4K Batman fix by buying the collection on amazon which was fairly cheap $79.99 USD (Wonder Why they normally try to milk Batman dry). but here comes the main issue i have with this collection. the color grading is way different.

  1. so everything is hit with either a orange or teal tint. scenes with action drama Batman or joker in them got like a teal tint. and scenes with love affection happiness normal people bruce wayne got hit with a orange tint. now normally this wouldnt bother me. the blu ray collection also has this teal and orange tint but its sutle. the issue is when you add HDR10 and a increase in saturation like they did with this 4K collection. everything doesnt feel natural. whites are now bluish teal skin tones are now more orange looks like a ban spray tan and gives off this unnatural feel. dont get me wrong some scenes look great and the restoration they did makes everything super crisp and sharp and easy on the eyes. its this teal and orange film grade they did that really hurts the visuals. and its amplified with the saturation and HDR10.

this colelction could have been the ultimate $K Batman expierance but this bad color grade really stops me from recommending it for people. stick with the Blu-ray collection if you want a good experience.

The tint is bad, but the replaced sound effects bother me more.

the funny thing is i first noticed it with the batmobile. the revamp score sounds fantastic but the sound effects do hurt the artistic style of the movie. the original score and sound effects help the artistic style the movie was going for this dark gothic style. i dont know if they were trying to go for a more realistic sounds but it takes away from the style of the film.

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