Batgirls Discussion (Potential Spoilers)

I had some issue getting on the last few days (finally pulled it off again) but I read it the minute it was released.

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With all the cute Haley covers

Given in fighting vol 4 reveals there are is a hit out on Dick Grayson and issue 83 had him holding a press conference in front of his home, Haley is likely going to be staying with her mommy (Babs) and the batgirls for the foreseeable future.

My favorite part of this issue had to be Cassandra getting her ears pierced and that she seems to be afraid of needles.

I am also enjoying Cassandra’s expressions in her batsuit. despite her entire face being covered, you can still read her face.


So glad you enjoyed!

There are tons of great character details! Love the way Corona is able to really convey emotion through both Cass and Steph’s masks! That’s a classic piece of Cass art lore!

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