Batgirl Series

What do you all think about the upcoming Batgirl show that was just leaked but hasn’t officially been announced yet?

deverian de hacer un crossover entre los shows de TheCW y DCUniverse, para hacer mas grande este universo, hay muchas versiones de personajes en diferentes shows por ejemplo Lois Lane en la serie Metropolis y Supergirl, Nora Freeze en Gotham y ahora en Arrow!

They should make a crossover between the shows of TheCW and DCUniverse, to make this universe bigger, there are many versions of characters in different shows for example Lois Lane in the series Metropolis and Supergirl, Nora Freeze in Gotham and now in Arrow!

If it happens, I’m all in.

I’m excited, but how are they going to handle Batman? I’m assuming the show is set in the arrowverse, since I heard she will be on an episode of Arrrow, but I thought they were going with Batman not existing in that universe. Have they changed their mind? I hope so because it would be weird having Batgirl with no Batman, but even so I’d still be down for that regardless.

Of course, keep in mind I am way behind on Arrow and Flash so I don’t really know much of what’s happened recently.

From what I understand its Batwoman (Kate Kane) that will be appearing and possibly getting her own series but I could be wrong.

Batman exists in the Arrowverse, or at the very least Bruce Wayne does. Oliver actually mentions him by name in a press conference in an early episode of season five I think, when there’s a digitally altered photo of Oliver without his mask in the Green Arrow suit going around. There’s also the mention of the name Oracle being taken when Felicity gets the name Overwatch in season three or four which suggests that Barbara also exists in the Arrowverse.

Hopefully more details of who is and isn’t in it will be forthcoming in the future

The show that is rumored is batgirl is not connected to the arrowverse. It most likely be connected to titans but nothing is confirmed.

Batwoman is the show that is going to arrowverse on cw and wont be on here. This 2 different characters, 2 different shows

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I hope they’re building up to a Bat Family show.