Batgirl Relationship: No Bat Heroes

Guys, I don’t think Babs should be in a relation with Batman or Nightwing.

Batman is too much of a mentor—the power dynamic is too unequal for a relationship to feel natural.

Nightwing is too similar. The dynamic does not bring out interesting tension or contrast and, in the hands of the wrong writer, risks making Babs a second fiddle.

I think it would be best to have her with a normal but supportive guy—maybe even like a male oracle—or someone with powers that isn’t directly connected to the bat family who has a hard time with that aspect of her life. My two cents.


I pretty much agree. Not sure who Babs’ ideal love interest is, but dating inside the Batfamily feels a little incestuous to me.


I think the best would be someone untainted by Gotham. Someone that brings light to the book instead of darkness.

I have enjoyed BG most when she is having fun. I don’t think Nightwing brings that to the table.


Sorry, but I ship Batgirl and Nightwing. I remember Dick was so sweet in this issue.

Taking Oracle to the circus and allowing her to relive some of the feelings she felt as Batgirl was pure :heart:


I always thought Batgirl and Starfire should forget nightwing and date each other instead


Lol me too!

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I agree. Did you see Babs and Ted Kord flirting in Birds of Prey? I thought that was cute, and I wish that they’d explored it more.

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I hate the idea of Bruce and babs, really messed up if you asked me. However I like the dick and babs relationship. It works for me, but it would interesting to see babs in a relationship with someone else. Along as it works, then swing away

The relationship really flies in that issue

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Babs and Dick - Definitely
Babs and Bruce - Not at all, he is way too old for her. That movie where they hooked up was a bit uncomfortable to watch.

Outside the bat family ? Honestly, Dick is the best choice, but maybe Conner Kent ?


I remember people shipping Jason and Babs- is that still a thing? :rofl:

So, I don’t think that there’s anything incestuous about Babs and Dick dating because she’s not an adopted ward of the Wayne family, and they were very much just childhood friends. I also couldn’t disagree more with the concept of them being too similar. They are in fact, very different and complimentary. He is an idealist who keeps her hopeful and she is a pragmatist who keeps him grounded. He is always either living in the past or running from it whereas she is better at moving on and working with what she has going for her in the now. She can be a bit overly introspective and duty-oriented, and he helps take her out of herself with his joie de vivre and optimism. However, they also have many shared experiences and a deep friendship in common. They can definitely have and have had unhealthy moments, but I think these two were written for each other, and if DC was honest in their writing of these characters (instead of using their relationship to create drama) I think they would allow them to be together.


:point_up::point_up::point_up: All that! Annnndddd too much History between the 2 to look beyond now! Babs or Kori is a Topic for a reason lots of fans have vested interest in this lil bit of “Soap-iness” With the Original Boy wonder and his 2 loves!

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There’s always Jason Bard, her original romantic interest, back when she was noticeably between Batman and Robin in age and presented as her own character and not a romantic interest for one of the main characters. She and Jason were engaged once. Honestly, I’ve never seen a reason for Dick and Babs to be paired together besides convenience.

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recently when Jason Bard has shown up his been a bit more corrupt and antagonistic torwards Babs though I’m all for making him more heroic and back to being close to her in age