Batgirl is angry

So, I’m generally into reading positive happy comics. I have found myself losing interest in Batgirl lately as there has been a change of tone in the comic. This issue really settled it, Batgirl is now as cheerful of a character as Batman.

I compared the first issue of this series with the last one, and it’s like night and day. Gone is the
“Heroing is fun” - vibe. Left is the bitterness of a messed up world.

Is this where DC is going now with Heroes in Crisis, Kara spitting in the face of her enemy and using a weapon.

Is the cheerful DC of Rebirth dead, and the closest I can get is a deranged Funland in Shazam with dysfunctional runaways?

Meh, sorry about the rant.

Batgirl is angry.

I don’t care for it.


Every one of us has a vision of some of their favorite characters. Go beyond that and the reader get upset

Mairghread Scott has been writer for Batgirlfor issues 25 through 32. Her ratings in Comic Book Roundup had been 7.9 in the previous three issues.

This issue has ratings from 9.0 to 4.0, giving it an an average rating of 6.8, which is similar to both current Action and Detective Comics, in both average and variation. In all three instance, the same reviewer gave 2.0 to 4.0 rating to these comics pulling down the average dramatically.

There were good and bad aspects to all three issues, but Batgirl is the most in character of the three heroes.

She has great stealth, intelligence, and sticks to the Batman code of not killing in an extreme situation.

In real life, the outcome could have gone either way. There is no shame in either outcome, but this Batgirl is experienced enough to believe in her abilities amid the danger to the victim.

Her anger is plot and character driven, based on conflict in past experience and values.

This title gives me great enjoyment each month. This was no exception.


Yeah, I know, everyone likes different things.

It is just sad when you finally realize you need to cancel one of your favorites because it was turned into something new and it doesn’t work for you anymore.

I feel like I am running out of comics under the DC brand where heroing seems like a fun thing.

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I liked very much Batgirl portrayed by Stephanie Brown, just before Flash point.

So I understand the concept of Batgirl being not a grim character.

I especially remember Batgirl and Supergirl teaming up against vampires or zombies in that run, without a hint of seriousness.

I too have had losses, like Bizarro in Red Hood and young Jon in Superman and Dick Grayson in Nightwing.

But I still see the old Barbara Gordon in this new, more adult version. She is just more mature and experienced, as she should be, since she is older than Nightwing.


I wasn’t a big fan of Scott’s first arc. Not sure if I point to making-Babs-joyless as the district reason, but I do think relocating her to Gotham plays a part. The previous creative teams hit a good tone for Babs when having her in the tech hub, hipster part of town with the Burnside location. It did help point out that “superheroing is fun” aspect that you mention. That’s one of the reasons why she’s my favorite of the Bat family. She’s definitely the least broody of the bunch. And putting her back in Gotham just reverts her to another revenge motivated Bat.

And I know it’s kinda fickle, but being comics I can’t help but also point out the visual aspect of it. The Burnside costume is a far superior design. That costume is probably one of my favorites period. An now she’s just back in tights like any other superhero. That annoys the hell out of me.

Because I’ve followed Babs (and to a bigger extent all of the Batgirls) for so long, I’m giving this creative team another arc. But in the environment where there are SO MANY books these days I’m tempted to cut this from the pull list so I can add something new.

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Heh, the Vampire teamup was a fun issue. I think I bought that on Comixology. It might be time for another read.


The teamup is in our library.

Issue 14*, Batgirl 2009

There is a lot of this Batgirl you would enjoy.

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Personally, I think Burnside pushed Babs too far into the ‘young, hip’ direction, so I like the return of a more mature tone in Scott’s run. I think there’s a balance that must be maintained though - I fully agree with you that Barbara shouldn’t turn as brooding as some of the other Bat-family members. While I liked some of her New52 arcs, overall I think the character was driven too far to the ‘dark side’ (pre-Burnside). The current version seems to be borrowing a lot of material from that era, but IMO has maintained a lighter tone overall. This issue wasn’t my favorite, but I like seeing Barbara juggling a secret identity and superhero life, and I’ve generally liked Bard as a supporting character/antagonist. I don’t think Burnside has to be completely out of the story (Frankie did make an appearance recently with a ‘mystery’), but the stream of B-stories involving the Burnside Buddies typically annoyed or bored me throughout Rebirth.


Coville, DC is angry. It’s really sad.


I started getting into Batgirl when I picked up the first couple issues of rebirth and loved it and decided to pick up the latest one and a few before it to get myself into what’s been going on in her world as of late and now a few months later and I can see what people are saying about the difference between the lighthearted fun kind of Barbara from the beginning of the birds and the dark kind of girl we see lately and I’m willing to give it more time and see if it bounces out in the next few issues

Oh and Babs is BAE! :100: