Id love to get an understanding around why so many folks think he’s the best film Batman. What do you think?

Honestly I’m a huge fan of the Nolan trilogy (except I wish there was more scarecrow cause I really loved that design of him and I’m a big nerd on scarecrow) and I like christian bales performance

For me it’s his aggressiveness and that I am legit scared of him. I never felt scared by Bale’s Batman. I feel Michael Keaton was the best Bruce Wayne.

Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman’s inner suffering, pain, and emotional damage stemming from his personal tragedy, is as great as we’re ever going to see on screen.


The warehouse scene screams Arkham freeflow combat. Plus, he is hyper-paranoid: “If there is even a 1% chance he is our enemy, we have to take that as an absolute certainty.” His detective skills: he decrypted Luther’s files on Metahumans and figured out Diana Prince’s email. Even the people he helps are afraid of him: all the women wanted to stay in their cell-despite the fact that police officers were there- because Batman was still out there; plus the whole cockroach-like wall crawling aspect. His theme “Beautiful Lie” fit perfectly for his character. His humanity is still shown: pretending to be drunk and losing track of the flash drive as well as knowing that he should not try to take on Doomsday.

After all that, is there really any scene Ben Affleck was in in BvS where he didn’t nail the character?

Thank you Zack Snyder for your interpretation for Batman in BvS and thank you Joss Whedon for completely disregarding the version Zack Snyder envisioned and made him a wuss.