Batfamily Ages

due to reboots kinda restoring character ages after the new52 era
like how nightwing and oracle are now late 20s instead of just 21
what do you guys think the ages for characters are
jason is 23 according to dc and cass is a year older than him at least so shes likely 24 (pre-flashpoint history is restored for like everyone who existed before it im pretty sure beast boy and raven are now around 19-25)
i assume richard and babs are 25 since cass has been stated to be second oldest before (cant find the panel but i know its true) (also if im not believed about cass’s history being back like everyone elses see spirit world for proof of post crisis cass history being her primary one again)
tim drake is like forever 17 and im pretty sure everyone in the young justice main 4 is older than him besides impulse cuz speed force stuff
i think damian is 15 but im unsure about the rest of the batfamily

can i get some help narrowing down batfamily ages please


Your assessment pretty much checks out. I’m not entirely sure how old Dick and Babs are but I know that nowadays Jason is 20-23ish, Tim and Steph is at least 17 to early college age, and Damian is 13 at the start of Rebirth and I think nowadays he is 15. I’m not sure exactly how old Cass is, but that’s because I personally haven’t seen any sources that confirm her age, and I assume Duke is in his teen years.


i think duke is around 16

steph tho before new52 was confirmed to be older than jason
due to ages and memories returning to pre-new52 we can assume that shes either 23 but months older or 24
dc confirmed with their fake dating app thing that steph is 18
and that jason is 23

its called caper but i cant find the original thing that shows their ages
we know for sure that the characters histories are back to what they were before and the editors notes for the batgirls series literally reference pre-new52 batgirl as well as spirit world showing stuff from her pre-new52 backstory

damian is youngest
so tim and duke i think are the same age
steph is slightly older than tim
jason and cass seem to be around the same age (even if not drawn that way)
and babs and richard are oldest


Boss is 61 years old.


who are you calling boss here ?
if you mean alfred i thought he was like in his 70’s

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Matches Malone.

Ol Pointy Ears.

The Dark Knight

The World’s Greatest Detective

The Other half of The Dynamic Duo with me


Any of these ring a bell?



ah well im speaking of main continuity and bruce is like forever late 30s

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He has accepted he is older right after he met me.