:renegade_robins: BatFam Reborn (Apr. 16-30)

Steph Batgirl

The BatFam takes another trip to the days of Dick in the Batsuit (see here for that story), but this time, we’re checking up on how Tim and Steph are getting along with their new identities. Drake is now redder than before (but just as Robin-y), and Brown is the new fledermaus in the house! Give us your thoughts on these two stories in the comments below!

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This Month's Issues

I. The Grail

  • Red Robin #1-4

II. Point of New Origin

Discussion Question: How successful do you find these revamps to the characters, especially when compared to other ones we’ve seen over the years (such as Grayson’s shift to Nightwing or Todd’s revival as Red Hood)?

Poll Question:

Who got the better superhero upgrade?
  • Tim Drake
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Can I choose Dick Grayson?

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Can’t wait


This was my favorite era of the Bat Fam. Dick as Batman, Steph as Batgirl, Tim being all Red Robin-y and then there’s the mini-demon Robin Damian.


Same - love that era so much. I love many before, and many after, but this is my favorite.


There was nothing quite like it and even though I knew it would end I was still sad when it did. Great times.


All that is good (and bad) in comics ends. What I think is most important is seizing onto what you’re loving and holding it close while it’s happening, and returning to enjoy when it’s over!