Ok, I’m curious so I have a question for all the Bat-fans.
What is your favorite Bat-gear?

I’m not asking about vehicles. It’s too easy too get to lost in discussing Bat-mobiles and those awesome bat-symbol shaped jets.

Can we focus everything Batman and company carry around with them?
Suits, weapons, gadgets, etc.
(You can include the team too incase you like other team members weapons like Huntress, Red Hood’s or Grayson’s gear and so on)

Favorite suites and utility belts are the ones from the Arkham games and the escape from Arkham movie
the suit from Beware the Batman

I like Batman’s
-Explosive bat shaped throwing stars.
-Hang glider cape
-Large bat shaped double side fighting knives
-Shock gloves
-The terminator style technology inside the cowl.

I’d include future Batman’s suit too but I agree with what the Joker clone said, “I miss the cape and the ears are too long”.

Your turn. Go.

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These things:

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The Batarangs, the explosive gel, the shock gloves, the decrypters and other computer stuff in his cowl, and the Bat Credit Card.

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“It’s too easy to get lost in bat-mobiles…”

The mutated version of the Doomsday virus which made him into Devestor-Batman in the anti-matter universe that goes along with the Kryptonite he carries in case his alien best friend gets to far out line.

Damien Wayne’s sword.

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I remember an episode of the show with Adam West where he just happened to have a live fish in his utility belt.

Serious answer: The grapnel gun is really cool. I’d have to go with that.


Shark repellent.

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Some favorites:

-Batarang in any form
-grapple gun (BTAS and Batman Forever versions in particular)
-shark repellant spray
-the capsule utility belt
-the Adam West utility belt
-Keaton’s utility belt
-the utility belt with pouches
-that grapple deal Batman used when he rescued Vicki from Joker in Burton’s Batman


Lol i have to go with a classic: shark repellent!

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Dang. A lot of yall like shark repellent. I thought it was funny but clearly it didn’t stick with me like it did y’all.

Also, the grapple gun is cool. I agree. It’s one of my favorites. If you look here on DC Universe there is a documentary special called “Batman Tech”. You can search for it. I don’t remember where I saw it before I saw it here but it is on DC Universe and open to view. It has a lot of Christopher Nolan interviews and Bat-bale in it because it’s from that time frame. Anyway, it that doc it explains how his grappling gun is very possible in the real world and there are similar grappling systems to what the B-man uses. Among other things.

@texasblaque, the Batman Tech doc is indeed quite entertaining.

It aired on the History Channel in the lead-up to and during The Dark Knight’s theatrical release and was part of the Special Features on TDK’s Blu-ray and Special Edition DVD releases.

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Thought of another one: the electrical charge weapon Batman used in Batman Forever.

It’s not gear in the traditional sense, but the tunnel/pathway Bruce used in BF to get from Wayne Enterprises to the Batcave was really cool too.

Bat-fleck’s utility belt is a good one too. Now that y’all mention it the ones with the pouches also work for me as well. So did the one Keaton’s and the one from BTAS and JL especially JL. I also like the scene where Bat-Keaton grappled him and Vicki Vale up in the air after he asked how much ahe weighs. I guess I combined them in my mind. I still like the Beware Of The Batman gear, suit and belt and Suicide Squad: Escape From Arkham suit and belt but y’all are bringing up good stuff too in my opinion.

I thought it was the history channel I just didn’t want to guess. On 2nd thought I figured maybe it was the syfy channel because that seems more likely since I wasn’t sure. It’s been a while. I saw it when it came out and I got excited. I watched it again here too. It’s still good. I wish they’d do a sequel.

He has kind of moved on from Bat-arrangs to bladed weapons made to be thrown that fit his needs much better. He uses those for a lot of things. As I listed before they are some of my favorites. It’s 1 of the few That’s 1 things that I hate about the Arkham city game. That Batman really needs the ability to attack crowds of henchmen with the with both charges and stealth devices like the smoke pellets AND then to drop down on a henchmen’s head and get to work like the character actually does.

The gel alone isn’t good enough for me. I need the charges made into bladed and pitchable handheld objects that are usually bat-shaped. That and the grappling in combination with all the other tools just screams … “I’m Batman” to me.

The Detective vision from the Arkham Games because it’s OP af. I’m also a huge fan of the cape/ grappling hook combo for mobility. Then, pretty much every type of batarang to complete my collection of favorites.

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I like Detective Vision from the Arkham games and the Bat-sword from Batman: Brave and the Bold. I saw Brave and the Bold when I was a little kid and I for some reason loved the Bat-sword. I also really like the Disruptor and the Voice Synthesizer from Batman: Arkham Knight along with the REC Blaster from Arkham City.

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You know what? I should have included Bat-clerk’s black suit too. I did like that one too.

Bat-Fleck not bat clerk. Auto correct typo in that last comment.

Bat-Bale’s suit was nice too but it just looked like he was begging to be stabbed in my opinion. Also that voice that Bale did as Batman never worked for me. Otherwise I really did like him So his suit was good too. Nothing is perfect.