Bat-fans what about Mark Hamill as The Joker?

I wonder when DC and somebody’s movie studio is going to stop the bull and cast Mark Hamill as The Joker in a live action movie.
How many Bat-fans would want to see that?


The question is: would Hamill want to play the character in live action? After 27 years in animation, he may only want to play him in a recording booth.

I’m for it. Any opportunity for him to play Joker is a good one.

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Ok. That’s fair. If he said no I could accept that but be does still do live action acting so if he is comfortable with getting paid to show to show people how to deliver Joker dialogue and laughter then I am so wit it.

I agree with you though. ANY opportunity. He is too good at it.

Boy is he ever good at it. I bet his family and friends have some interesting tales of him busting out the Joker voice at random times.

Just imagine if he uses that voice in the drive through. When he pulls up to pay he uses his normal voice, only to do a lite Joker chuckle as he goes to pull up to the next window.

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He is the best joker in my opinion. mARK HAMill
(Yes i stole that from someone lol).

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Yes please

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I’ve only seen him on video doing it once but at some comic conference but he did break into Joker in mid sentence. So, you make an interesting point. How often could he break into the character’s voice and laugh to express his own self? The looks on people’s faces and the slowly raised heads in the drive through in the picture that you painted must be hilarious … if it happens. Telemarketers who call his home (if that’s possible) must get the surprise of their day when he turns a phrase and cackles at them. That should be a video extra if they can get him to take videos of himself or something.

Hes a bit too old now adays isn’t he? I don’t think he’d be able to keep up with the high amount stunt work that modern movies demand. He has played some great villains on screen though I’ll give you that, from The Trickster to Cock Knocker.


People remember The Joker is not always pictured as a young man. Sometimes he is and sometimes he is not. I’m not showing agism against the old guy when I suggest him. No offense. I don’t say that to slight you or anyone else. Remember Joker isn’t a bad ass because of physicality but because of his horrible genius and unpredictability. Anyone at any age can do that. Marble sized grenades, acid squirting flowers, over powered joy buzzers, hand cannons, lots of stabbing and all the large scale atrocities can be portrayed in the hands of the old and the young.

Watch sushi girl… he is basically playing the joker…a tamed down joker maybe but you can see it…

He would make a good older joker …


@texasblaque I’d be tickled to see Hamill annoy a telemarketer as Joker. That’d be a hewt of a hoot =)

That would be cool to see, but I think the closest we’ll get to seeing an official live action movie or TV version of Mark Hamill as the Joker is his Trickster performances on The Flash shows, especially with the 2014 Flash.

On the other hand, it’s always possible there could be some internet video where he dresses up as The Joker like that time he dressed as a stormtrooper for an Omaze campaign.

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