Bat family comics?

I want to start reading more on the Batfamily and seeing more of their ‘family dynamic’… what are some good comics to start off with for that?

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The Batman Family series in the 70s often starred Batgirl and Robin.

Li’l Gotham is all about the Bat Family.

The Chuck Dixon era on the Bat books in the 90s had a number of cross overs with various Bat characters. This era launched a lot of Bat Family member titles, like Nightwing, Birds of Prey, Robin, Catwoman, Batgirl, Azreal, and a slew of various Batman titles.

Battle for the Cowl has most of the Bat Family.

The Batman Reborn arc in Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin starred Dick and Damian. Batgirl 2010 starred Stephanie and Barbara.

Batman Eternal has a lot of teamups.

If you’re looking for specific issues, I really enjoy Nightwing 2016 #42, which showcases Dick and Damian’s relationship. Nightwing Year One has a teamup between Dick, Jason, and Barbara. Batman Gotham Knights #43 has a Batgirl Robin (Jason Todd) teamup.

I love the Bat Family interactions too!


Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of series dedicated to the family dynamic. Certain writers draw on it more while some prefer to tell independent tales. The only series I ever felt was specifically designed to tell tales about the Bat Family in general is Gotham Knights. It was never explicitly stated that it was a Bat Family book anywhere I’ve read, but that seems to be what it was. The first issue for instance has Bats in the lead but some great supporting work from Tim and Dick. Good stuff. Detective Comics 2016 also focused on a group dynamic.

Beyond that, it’s going to be a smattering of stories here and there. Few if any entire series are dedicated to it. Even Batman Family was more of a collection of stories about different members of the Batman Family than a team-up series though there were definitely team-up moments.

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Oh, it’s not on here yet, but Detective Comics 1000 has a several Batfamily stories in it.


I wish there was a series for it. You don’t need to give them a name in the comic. They’re not the Teen Titans. They’re just Batman and 5 of his kids XD. It could really just be a BatFam comic but could be told from comic to comic from the different perspectives of the family. Just like justice league kind of told a story in chunks covering a decent amount of times I’d like a comic that would tie in other comics but not be just Batman in the end. That way I can FIND the tie in stories when I want to. I don’t want to have to go from Nightwing #42 to Batman #999 and then back again I just want the whole story IN ONE PLACE. It could even be some Batman and batgirl. Some nightwing and Red Robin. Just give me SOMETHING DC!

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A lonely place of dying. Takes place after Jason’s death and introduces Tim. Great relationship stuff between Bruce, Dick and Alfred

Oh. Sorry. Also, No Man’s Land…great family dynamic!

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