Basket Full of Heads 5

“June Branch is the prisoner of a desperate and violent man who wants information. But who’s really interrogating who here? June’s wits are sharp, but the occult Viking axe she has stashed nearby is even sharper… if only she can talk her way out of the cell she’s in and get it back in her hands!”

Feel free to discuss how excited you are about this book and how much you are enjoying the story, but please wait until Saturday, 02/29/2020 to start any type of spoiler discussion. I look forward to chatting with you all!!!

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I’m enjoying these books a lot so far!
I appreciate how each book has its own twist and as the plot deepens we get more and more heads in the basket.
This is TOTAL B-Movie Horror and even though June appears helpless she’s pretty much the most brutal woman on the island!