Bart's Ancestry

Maybe it’s just because I’ve recently gone back and watched Young Justice, but is anyone else severely disappointed in the lack of acknowledgment on the other half of Bart’s ancestry? Namely, the fact that he is half-Thawne (sorry to those of you who didn’t know).

Like, you can do a lot with it! Introduce Thad or Owen into the show and you have a really great dynamic between Bart and his brother and clone, especially Owen. Owen Mercer, for those who don’t know, is the second Captain Boomerang and the son of Meloni Thawne and the first Captain Boomerang, Digger Hawkins. He’s Bart’s half brother through Meloni and exists because somehow Digger ended up in the future and he and Meloni, Bart’s mom, had a kid.

I just feel like you could do some really good stuff with that story, especially now after season 3 and Bart is older. Heck, even introducing his clone, Thaddeus thawne II, would have been really cool in season three since it was all about metahuman trafficing and exsperiments.

Idk I feel like that could have done something and have so much potential for it but they just don’t use it :confused:

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Wow I didn’t know any of this! There’s definitely a lot of them to use but I believe they have the story-line planned out to a season 5 so they may be waiting on that, especially with the legion of superhero nod at the end of season 3. They could be building to a time travel story-line with him and his family at the center, which would also allow them to delve into the speedforce lore and bring Wally back.

There’s definitely a lot there but I trust the writers to be building so much that we have these amazing payoffs. Especially because they pull from throughout the DC. They work so much in I wouldn’t be surprised if this came out in some way.

But ya, again, I didn’t know any of this so this makes Bart so much more interesting!


Maybe! I’m holding out hope, maybe I’m just kinda impatient because I love both Bart and Owen lol

Always happy to teach anyone about my favorite DC character!


I really wish they did more with Bart being half-thawne too. I always liked that aspect of him… but since they haven’t implemented speed scouts, i’m not holding my breath.

I think that speed scouts and Bart’s mom were the same story (or at least close together), so I would hope for speed scouts first. “Okay boss!” “Don’t call me boss!”

Or maybe thought bubble-pictures. I always thought that was the best part about Bart. He can’t think in words.

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Either or would be amazing to see honestly. Him being half-Thawne was something I was excited to see in animation too.

When they announced Outsiders I had a lot of hope they’d add Owen since he was a part of Nightwing’s Outsiders team.


We haven’t really seen anything of Thawne since Suicide Squad Hell to Pay. I don’t think they ever considered delving back into the Cobalt Blue/Chain Lightning arcs from Wally’s run. Sadly that pretty much cuts out any real development in that direction for Bart. (beyond him eventually becoming the Flash if Young Justice ever decides to follow the CWs lead and have their own Crisis.)

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Yeah, which is really unfortunate since Bart is my favorite DC character :expressionless: More than likely they’'re gonig to pretend the Thawne side doesn’t exist sadly, and the only ort of development is him beomnig the Flash if they even do that.

I’m more mad they didn’t give him a better origin background in smallville.

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I don’t know why so many people were so dissapointed when they didn’t make Bart and Jamie gay in season 3

I’m less disappointed in that, I mean fanfics and fanart are a thing for shippers and has been for years, but more disappointed that they have this amazing character to use and really explore more in depth than they did Kaldur, but they don’t.

I mean they still could, they like to play the long game. And with Wally still in the speedforce (we assume), Thawne’s connection to the speedforce could be what ultimately brings Wally back. I’d love to see more speedster storylines in season 4.


Very true, I’'m cautiously optimistic though since it’s currently been two seasons.

shouldn’t you be glad that they haven’t made them gay i mean

Eh? Personally if they decide to mak him lgbt I hope they make him bi or pan but ultimately it’sDC chaarachter to do that kind of stuff with. I’m more just slightly upset that beyond time travel they really haven’t done anything with Bart’s story.

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