Bart Allen

Anyone super excited to see what DC does with Bart Allen? I’m glad he’s finally back!


I’m not excited, I’m scared. They already did away with Wally, there’s no Max Mercury to train him. We saw what they did to Superboy. So not looking forward to it.

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Me too! He’s hilarious.

Whqt did they do to Superboy? Did i miss Connors return?

And no Max Mercury is fine, just bring back Jay as his mentor.

They never actually DID anything to Jon. They just sent him and Lois off with Joe El (presumably for their protection) and suddenly Lois is back and Jon and Joe El are MIA.

I personally am thrilled that Bart is back but after what happened to Wally, I’m also a bit apprehensive about his future.

I do want Max to come back as Bart’s mentor just because of all the fun I had reading the original IMPULSE Ssries, but honestly, I don’t think we’re really going to see much of the individual mentors around in this series.


It doesnt look like Barts getting a new solo seties anytime soon. Its kinda amazing his series lasted nearly 100 issues.