Barry Allen’s return

Hi so I’m fairly new to reading comics and I’m a huge fan of the flash, especially Barry Allen’s flash. I was originally reading the dc universe rebirth series for the flash but I ultimately decided to stop because I was getting confused with the storyline it was continuing from the new 52. Since I didn’t feel like starting all the way from the beginning because it would take take me A LONG time to get to the present day flash series, so I decided to start off with the 2009 series by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, the flash:rebirth. I am almost done with the series and now idk where to go from here. I know flashpoint would be next before new 52 but there is a graphic novel called “the flash vol 2:road to flashpoint” on amazon and it says it’s a continuation to the 2009 flash:rebirth series (same with its volume 1 counterpart). My question is can anyone give me a definitive recommendation on what I need to read in order from the 2009 Geoff Johns rebirth series to the present day flash comics?

If u like Flash, on this app, there’s a comic called flash the fastest man alive. @Vroom suggested it & it’s awesome. I’m not sure if u meant on this app or to buy or where yours ended? This one is in the future with Jay Garrick, Wally, Barry & the rogues. It might not be the next one u wanna read tho if you’re going for continuity.

Your next read should be the Blackest Night and Blackest Night: the Flash after that head on to Flash: Dastardly Death of the Rogues and then The Road to Flashpoint.


golddragon71 has got u. I knew some would. I’m mostly JSA, JLA, all those & Lantern and so on. Flash is amazing tho I’ve read whatever I can get my hands on with Flash it’s always good.

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May I suggest just skipping right ahead to the Rebirth series.

Most of the New 52 stuff is irrelevent at this point and the rebirth series is pretty much self contained and a solid starting point.