Bad luck or coincidence

Both Constantine and Swamp Thing only got 1 season. Lol. They do belong together. :frowning:

Constantine was cancelled because of poor ratings.

Swamp Thing was cancelled because of North Carolina politics and DC being unable to afford to produce future seasons of the series even if they had relocated its production to somewhere else.

The two situations are not even remotely equivalent.

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Thank you so very much for jumping in with this update, @Maddox! Your dedication is very much appreciated.

I’d also like to thank you, @E-Dot, for your passion for Swamp Thing. We understand that these rumors are upsetting so wanted to offer some information and clarification. Please do check out our Watchtower thread for more information about Swamp Thing:

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered, please do let us know there. We’re working to consolidate all of the information we have in one place, to avoid confusion.


This show could have been moved to almost anywhere. Technically you could turn a where house into the Death Star. Trust me its Not the Taxes or Location.

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Btw, this was a terrible pilot.

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Plenty of more expensive show & movies film in Soundstages & Warehouses. Most aquatic movie monsters are filmed in a dressed pool.

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