Bad Ideas

Pitch a comic that you never want to see happen, but you could totally see happening.

Oops, meant to post in general. But maybe it fits here more? The mods can decide whether to move it or not.

Maybe this story already exists, but one where Batman completely gives up and walks away from crime fighting. Not retirement, but just plain ole giving up on everything.

The New Age of (Marvel) Heroes

Wonder Woman becoming de-powered for some reason and Batman beating her in hand to hand combat.


You don’t have to Nerf Wonder Women for Batman to beat her at hand to hand combat lol :joy:

2 Broke Girls: The Comic Book.

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@JLWWSM Oh I hate when that happens in any story. It just feels so not Batman. I hope that’s not what happened to Batman in Batwoman.


You’re supposed to write thinks that you don’t want to see, Vroom. That’s right, I’m on to you…

Wiping out the entire DC Universe history in a flash… Oh wait… Too soon still? :wink:

Seriously though, a bad idea would be Superman dumping Lois for Lana and having a title called Superman: Lana and Clark. Wait now that I have said that, it might make an interesting Elseworlds tale :laughing: I’m bad at this.

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The Life and Times of Bibbo Bibowski. Actually, never mind. That sounds amazing.



  • Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane
  • Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen
  • Superman’s Overly Obsessed Fanboy, Bibbo Bibbowski

If Lois is written by Greg Rucka, and Jimmy is written by Matt Fraction, who would write Bibbo? Chip Zdarsky, perhaps? Dan Jurgens? No, wait, I got it! Keith Griffey!


Dan Jurgens on art, though.

Ma Hinkle and the Outlaws


Green Arrow tracks a mysterious new serial killer only to discover that the killer is actually Black Canary, driven insane by something stupid that happened in some completely unrelated crossover event. This is milked for a grand total of one issue before Canary is unceremoniously killed off and replaced by a new, less interesting Black Canary.

Actually, now that I think about it, that’s pretty much what happened to Cassandra Cain…


Superman and flash in a pie eating contest for charity, but the food was tampered with by condiment king, and now the justice league has to split into teams and go into each of them


@BatJamags I’m surprised this happened already. Feels like the kind of thing they would do. I’m glad it hasn’t happened yet.


@Squid I don’t want to see a 2BG comic. I got your concept from the get go =)

That show may do/have done well for WB, but it’s just…bad.

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