Bad Bruce Wayne? Titans (SZN 2)

How do you guys like first look on Batman from Titans? I can’t be the only one that thought at first glance that Iain Glen was Alfred only to find out that he’s actually Bruce Wayne which was a huge let down, but maybe if i hear from different points of view it’d lighten things a bit.


My wife and several of my friends thought it was Alfred when he was shown in the trailer. I find it hard to believe that this man trained the versions of Robin we have been given in the show. That said, I’m excited to (hopefully) be proven wrong.


This show isn’t about Batman it should be about the team, so I’m glad we’re not getting a Batman that could overshadow the show. That said…I want to get Tim Drake at some point and Batman’s retirement clock is clicking and Jason needs to be dead by then which isn’t happening until the end of this season (at the earliest)


I don’t think they need to kill off Jason to bring in Tim. In this version of the multiverse, Bruce could decide he needs a new Robin with him while Jason is being trained by Dick.

As for Bruce, I think he’s perfect! Clearly they’re going for an older Batman on the verge of retirement, which would help explain wanting several Robins to take up his slack.

Personally, my concern with this Bruce isn’t his age. You can have an older Bruce that still carries this countenance of being more than meets the eye; more imposing. I don’t get the vibe that this man would just as soon feed me my knee caps rather than serve me tea. In addition, Bruce hasn’t really been depicted as blonde or sporting a bald spot before, so this is certainly different. Not that it’s inherently bad, just different, and would take getting accustomed to.

I don’t think he needs to outshine the Titans since it is their show, but I need to believe this guy is responsible for Dick and Jason being total bad A$$es and i’m not sold yet.


He reminded me of Adam West with a bit of Conroy in his voice. I didn’t really mind that, I thought it was pretty cool. But his age and hairstyle just didn’t fit.


Yes, he looks a bit like Adam West, and carries himself much the same way, probably why I like him as Bruce

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I’m down with Iain Glen! I feel this version of Bruce Wayne is a nod to Millers The Dark Knight Returns BW.


Yeah absolutely. If he doesn’t look like bruce wayne at all least he can do is act like him

I get that it isn’t his show but still when he had tea with Dick he didn’t look all that fit either he had a gut belly and when did bruce wayne ever have a british accent but all we can do now is that they don’t completely ruin batman

The Conroy tone is spot on

I guess I’m the only one but I cant stand it. Episode 2 is even worse if you ask me (as far as him as Bruce - loved the episode overall). I think you can hear his accent come out or maybe he just talks odd. he looks like Alfred and doesn’t remotely remind me of Bruce. Imagine if he was younger, he could eventually have his own series or even fight along side the Titans. This 60 year old version will be hard to convince someone that he could take on Deathstroke right now.

Everyone is waiting on pins and needles for Dick to become Nightwing, not me. I’m hoping by the end of the season old man Bruce asks Dick to take over as Batman.

A. As far as the accent is concerned, Bruce was raised by an Englishman. Not hard to rationalize that a bit of that slips in once in awhile no matter his history as portrayed by other actors (I always thought Christian Bale’s accent was pretty spotty myself and rationalized it the same way).

B. If you check out Bruce’s design from Kingdom Come, he’s looking pretty run down after thirty years of crimefighting. When you look at it from that perspective, Iain is looking downright youthful in comparison.

I still refuse to believe that wasn’t Alfred.

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It’s not so much his look or his acting that I can’t stand, it’s his chequered accent that just makes me weep. It sounds generic American like he’s watched Jersey Shore and picked it up from there. As for the look, I can buy him being that old, I just think of him as a semi-retired Batman putting his body through way more than it needs to.