Awww.....So Much For Hoppy The Marvel Bunny🐰

The bunny is booted out the bracket.

It’s all good. He’s considering a run for POTUS.


Clearly the Madhouse voters know nothing. Hoppy could beat Trigon blindfolded and with one hand (paw?) tied behind his back. Oh well, I guess you’re right, Misfit. He’s still up for Potus, and that’s completely different. It’s not like politics is full of people worse than Trigon…

Oh no.


What am I missing here?

@DCCC: If you go to the News section, you’ll see an article for Meta Madhouse: Shazam’s Sorcerers. It’s a fun little bracket-based voting activity that’s been running for the last few weeks (akin to March Madness).

Hoppy The Marvel Bunny lost to Trigon The Terrible in the first round, thus the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Hoppy is our our BUNNY! Next up, the race to the White house!

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I’m so disappointed.

Damn Russians!


Now that Hoppy is gone :(, we must ensure our Lord and savior Darkseid wins it all!!!

I want a full investigation launched. Hoppy was robbed, I suspect foul play!

Detective Chimp got knocked out too. And Etrigan will probably be out after the second round. Even I voted against but you have to admit he’s a bit outmatched by the Spectre.