Are Comic Cons the only venue to get an autograph from a writer and artist?

Is there zero way to send one or two comics to an artist and writer for an autograph if one were to include return shipping?

Seems like these artists and writers would at a minimum want to make some extra beer money an be like, send me 50 bucks and pay for return shipping and I’ll sign up to X comics.


Here is the kicker,

I learned this with sports trading cards, sometimes the card unsigned is worth more than being signed.


does that hold true with the comic, there might be a really rad cover, but if the artist and writer scribble all over it, or even in a corner, then is it really that rad any more ?

so, double trouble with questions, I wouldn’t know what in my collection I would want signed, maybe a couple of my Green Lantern Comics / a couple of variants that I like. nothing super valuable on their own. Just personally I would like to at some point maybe get something signed and i am wondering how to go about it.

To just be a stalker an find someones address an send something seems like a waste of time and the wrong way to go.


Some signatures are worth monetary value, others aren’t. It depends on the significance of the signer. You can look up what signed copies for a comic by that personality go for versus unsigned on secondhand markets for an informed choice.

Outside of conventions, many comic creators have their own websites with contact information for you to send them your inquiries like this. Or, they’re active on a social media platform like Twitter or Instagram, and you can reach out to them there. Of course, the older the creator is, the less likely it is that they’ll be online, and at that point conventions are still your best option.


Leiber, as one example, has an etsy page, surprisingly, where he sold, for example, the hard bound edition of Superman’s Pal that he worked on with Matt Fraction; he not only would sign one to send to you, but also include a cute little hand drawn card. Sadly, someone had already bought that book for me as a holiday gift the year it was published or I might have jump on that. I know some other people do similar stuff, but not everyone.

As for signed/unsigned I personally prefer, for example, the poster book versions of some variants, if I want something to display, so without the trade dress and even if collected floppies, which I haven’t in years, I find the barcodes annoying and would be reluctant to buy just for that reason, but my experience is that it depends on the art and the artist but signed variants/signed covers are generally worth more than unsigned, unless you are talking about the LCS exclusives that are exclusive to just one store

This ^ as just one example is an Things From Another World exclusive retailer variant from last year’s first issue of World’s Finest, by Steve Lieber, who hasn’t - as far as I know, done any other recent variants for it or for any other DC books besides his and Fractions Perry White one shot.