Audible's Sandman

I think this would be a great avenue for DC universe to go down. Maybe in podcast form, audio adaptions if some of their stories.


I so agree. Even if there’s also separate releases of an audiobook or podcast, I know I’d enjoy seeing the recording or table reads of an audio book like that. Pepper in some behind-the-scenes information from the writers and the actors and there’s a special, all set for streaming.

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It seems like the perfect idea for what WB is doing here. Maybe motion comics with voice actors. The production for these would be less than an animated adaption, and I think it would go a long way with the fans.

I’d like to note that there are some really great audiobooks out already from DC:

Superman: Dawnbreaker
Batman: Nightwalker
Wonder Woman: Warbringer
Catwoman: Soulstealer


Where can we find them? And would DC Universe not be a great place for them?

They’re all on Audible! And I agree, I’d love to hear some audio dramas on DC Universe. This doesn’t include the scores of DC audio dramas made for GraphicAudio, which I don’t know what’s happening with. Drop into the suggestion box!


Love the casting. Obviously, it stinks that audio listeners will miss out on some incredible artwork, but Neil Gaiman’s superb writing mixed with this cast can certainly carry the load and do the story justice. Not only that, but seeing how much is going into just this audio adaptation makes me PUMPED for the Netflix series.

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This subscription seems to be ideal for many different avenues of creativity. I will suggest it tonight

Yeah it sounds really cool. And I can’t wait for the show

Really excited for this one.

Dirk Maggs, the director/writer has worked on some DC audio dramas previously with the adaptations of Knightfall and the Death of Superman, as well as the original Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome and Superman On Trial ones. I’d love to see him do more.


I was trying to find DC audiobooks just the other day. I’m surprised there aren’t many but since audiobooks are so popular right now maybe this is the first step to producing more. Batman: Hush anyone?

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