Attention! DC Shop now has Titans merch available for purchase!

Ladies and Gentleman, may I have your attention please? I have an announcement of titanic importance, especially for those of you who like to keep souvenirs to remind you of your favorite performances. After all, the only thing that can make a breath-taking show even better is being able to take a part of it home with you.

But, that’s quite enough stalling! As you might have guessed by the title, I am very pleased to reveal that brand new Titans merchandise is now available right here on DC Universe.


Yay, new merch!

Hey you know what would be a fun digital purchase? Maybe a ringtone of the Titans opening guitar riff.


@HubCity the titans theme for a ring tone would be amazing id buy it and have people call me on purpose lol

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Is the store going to re-stock soon?

I see a couple of shirts that looks nice but Medium size are sold out.

Thank you for the suggestion, @HubCityQuestion! I’ll absolutely pass this along to the rest of the team. :slight_smile:

We also appreciate you bringing the issue of certain size shirts being out of stock, @E-Dot. Could I ask which shirts, in particular, have caught your eye? I’d be happy to investigate further and see what we might be able to do.


These two:


Nice to see you’re finally adding merch for your live action shows!

Hopefully Hawk and Dove merch (action figures) follow :slight_smile:


Glad to see y’all got some merch for your original properties, but will you be having any figurines for this Man Child :slight_smile:

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@AquamonC137 Funko Pops are a must!

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We need some Doom Patrol stuff. I checked for the stuff Mr. Nobody had right after I saw the episode


Where’s the teaser trailer that was shown at comic-con? If you don’t want everyone to see yet it’s okay just send it to me I promise I won’t share, thx

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awesome, thank you

put me down for any Titans-adjacent merch, Hawk & Dove and Donna Troy in particular



patiently waits for “The DC Universe Collection” line of action figures from DC Collectibles to come along

This DCU exclusive line would entail 6" or 7" scale action figures from Young Justice, Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol and more. Oh…yeah.

hopes Jim Fletcher reads this


A suggestion: a shirt with Robin and the infamous “F**k Batman” line.


GASP! No wai! Pretty neat stuff! Bad for my wallet, but hopefully this is a good sign for more things to come from other shows too.

Cool would of been really awesome if we had this last season but glad it’s hear now

cant wait for Doom Patrol


I couldn’t resist. I bought both Titans shirts.

Hit me up when Doom Patrol merch manifests itself into my reality