Attention DC Fans! Best DC Gear Shop?

What’s up everybody?

I have one question, what are the best places to get DC gear from? Such as clothes, accessories, etc.

Hot Topic is out of the question and caters to Marvel too much. Any suggestions will be welcomed.

Update: I made this post because DC Entertainment Shop and Hot Topic have already let me down on DC gear, so please refrain from listing them as options.

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Have you looked at the DC Universe shop?


For t-shirts check out I’ve used them in the past for DC tees. Large selection.


When I was little, I really wanted the Super Powers Collection :hugs:

We couldn’t afford it, so my big brother drew a bunch of them and glued them to cardboard :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Not only did I have every character I could think of, my mom’s pickle strainer became the ultimate torture chamber :ice_cube:

So, for what it’s worth, I recommend having a big brother :+1:


Dc Entertainment shop

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No…I just checked. It’s different from the DC Shop but still lacking.

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That’s the reason why I made this post, DC Entertainment shop is lacking.

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Thanks, I’ll check them out.


Well, if DC Entertainment shop is lacking, then ebay maybe. for clothing and accessories. Graphiti design for tshirts. They Do all the shirts usually sold at cons for DC.


Most of my stuff is from Hot Topic, but I agree they have been lacking lately. However, my belt is made by Buckle-Down and they sell wallets and lanyards as well.
I second the comment about SuperHeroStuff for apparel. They’re probably your best bet. ThinkGeek used to be alright too.

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Alright, I’ll see

If any local comic shops around your areas Support Them!!! … most have more than just comics

As far as online shops go, one that I really like for apparel is retropolis tees (link below). It’s not exclusively DC merch, but they’ve got a pretty decent collection of old-school t-shirt designs, plus they started making face covers and beach towels. So if you’re a fan of stuff like ‘66 Batman, Silver Age DC, Super-Friends, etc, then check em out!

Hm, my sibling never showed an interest in that type of stuff…and I never asked. Complicated.

Thanks, I’ll check them out

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Hmm, true

Hmm, I’ll check them out

That’s, probably the most heart-warming thing I have heard today

Slightly off topic Q: When purchasing t shirts, I was curious to whether anyone else likes the shirts that are in universe, such as the Gotham PD, Arkham staff, STAR Labs, Metropolis High, etc or are comic covers and characters more everyone’s style?

Also, anyone else a fan of the old school DC character art from the 1970s that got put on everything like Slurpee cups, fast food glasses, etc.

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