At what time exactly do comics get added on Tuesdays ?

I’m so excited for tomorrow, I can’t wait to read Rebirth titles again !


It usually goes down around midnight EST.


@HubCityQuestion thanks !

I like your PFP for my boi posty

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It starts around midnight, though I’ve noticed that it takes time for new volumes to pop in. So I would expect, say, the Rebirth volume of Batman and Superman to be up to DCU date by then, and volumes not in the service right now, like Batwoman Rebirth, won’t be in until tomorrow morning.

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@TheBackbreaker ayyyy another posty fan :call_me_hand:

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wow never knew their was a post fan besides me here. Guess that was a big lie. Now I feel like a rock star. And you leave me no option but to say congratulations for being a part of this app

Hehe… I’m like the funniest person ever…

It’s pretty awesome that I can read stuff I haven’t gotten the chance to before or jump back into titles I didn’t feel like digging through my long boxes to find.