AT&T aka Warner Media Mess Up - out of touch with Clients

Cancelling an original show after its first episode is not a good way to cultivate a new subscription fan base. AT&T execs must understand that DC Universe is a Niche platform and not a general streaming service like Netflix or what they are trying to make out of HBO.

Trust has been broken and one more breach, will be me cancelling this service and HBO. I will be just fine with Disney +, Netflix, and Apple +.

CLIENT DRIVEN BUSINESSES 101, focus on clients and customer satisfaction and you will have a client that will continue to demand your service.


Cancel HBO, that’s my protest. I was going to anyway but this made my mind up.

The source in NC got a major chunk of the last story on ST wrong. Let’s see what WB actually thinks once they have all the information like subscriber response etc.

(Copy/pasting to save my delicate fingies.)

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